laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus 01

Laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus

Laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus are an economically priced, relatively simple and lightweight menu. Suitable for some cafes, Chinese restaurants, club restaurant menus, food court restaurant etc. Laminating Pouches ranging from 80 microns (the most widely used) to 250 microns. Our professional laminating machine is available up to 250 micron.  In addition to clear laminating pouches, we also have a range of matte laminating pouches that give your documents a matte or translucent look. 

Design N Print specializes in a unique & high quality custom made restaurant table menus (Dinner Menus, Dine-in Menus) and takeaway menus design and printing services.


laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus 01


Lamination (also known as celloglazing) adds a thin coating of clear plastic to your prints and trimmed to the edges. Lamination can be used for protection and aesthetic purposes. Since the lamination is trimmed to the printed edge and does not overlap, it is not waterproof (Water can still contact the edges of the paper between the laminated film). Laminates come in different types (gloss, matt, velvet, etc.) and can be applied to one or both sides of a print job. Celloglazing has a minimum requirement for the paper stock which should be 200gsm, although the texture paper can not be laminated. Lamination is usually used for business cards, brochures, flyers, presentation folders, booklets etc.

Encapsulation (also known as Laminating Pouches) is a thicker layer of plastic that is applied to both sides of the print job. When the print is encapsulated, the plastic layers (on both sides) extend beyond the edges of the print and are heat sealed together. Encapsulation (Laminating Pouches) the print completely in the plastic, making it waterproof. Encapsulation has a minimum requirement for the paper stock which should be 80gsm, although the texture paper can not be laminated. Encapsulation is usually used for Laminating office / company documents, restaurant menus, drink menus, company notices etc.

Glossy laminate
Glossy laminate produces a high gloss effect. Glossy laminate helps bring out vibrant colors and works especially well on darker backgrounds. Glossy laminate feels like a bit more shine.

Matt Laminate
Matt laminate can reduce glare reflection and stands out against lighter backgrounds and colors. Matt laminate feels more elegant and modern.

Velvet Laminate
Velvet laminate has a super soft velvety finish that reduces glare reflect. It feels like a velvet material on your printed products.

Laminating pouches have various different thickness from 80 – 250 Micron. Also it is available with matte and glossy as well.

Other Kinds Restaurant Menus & Price LiSTS


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Hardcover with Corners Panel Menus Web

Hardcover with Corners Panel Menus

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Lightweight Sidebar Restaurant Menus

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Restaurant Menu Printing and Design Sydney

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Laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus 02

Laminating Pouches Restaurant Menus

Gloss & Matt Laminating Pouches Available

Laminated Restaurant Menu

Laminated Restaurant Menus

Gloss, Matt, Velvet Laminate Available

Restaurant Menu Printing and Design Sydney

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Takeaway Menu design printing

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Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney

Any sizes & different pages available

Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney

(3 Fold Menu, Half Fold etc)

Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney

(Lunch Special, Special Deal etc)

Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney
Restaurant Signs

Posters & Banners

Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney
loyalty cards
Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney
A Frames
Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney
Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney
Restaurant Website


Logo Branding Design Sydney


A logo & Branding design is a powerful symbol gives your company and goods a unique identity which makes customers easily understand the goals of your business. Design N Print have professional logo design team, which enhance brand awareness and competitiveness.

Graphic Design Sydney


Graphic Design is combine a communication & Art, which included the logo & branding design, business card, letterhead, brochures, flyers, posters, banners etc. It is a straight way to advertise your business and merchandises. 



Website are comment tools for organisations to promote their business. First impressions are important on the internet, and customers will be impressed by the High Quality Web Design. This can result in successful trading between customers and business owners.

Design N Print, Design and Printing Sydney


High quality printing services can give your customer good result. We can do any kinds of printing such as: business cards, letterheads, brochures, posters, Banner etc… Also we offer a offset printing, digital printing, pantone colour printing & large format printing.

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